Meet Elizabeth, a hardworking and vibrant 40 year old woman from Ongata Rongai. She is a single mother of 5 children.

Before joining us at the Woman’s Hope, Elizabeth was a construction worker around her area. She, like most construction workers, receive a minimum wage at the end of the day. This only  allows her to put food on the table. In short, she could not provide for her children comfortably,let alone save something little for the rainy day. As it is commonly known, construction  jobs are unreliable,meaning sometimes she was to get the job sometimes she wasn’t.

Elizabeth received information about The woman’s Hope organization through a friend and decide to give a try to the women’s training programme in bead work and mat making. She joined us in May and started her training immediately with a group of other women.

As we speak,she has been trained  in bead work and  is making unique african pieces e.g sandals,jewellery,decorative house items etc.

The Woman’s Hope Organization then helps Elizabeth market her wares and the proceeds go towards supporting her and the women of her group.

Elizabeth says that she is happy she is economically independent.In addition to that, she has now acquired the skills to enable her attract meaningful employment and  even better, start her own business though she would like to work with us to improve on her new skills.

Elizabeth is also happy that she is able to save through the Ushirika Dada savings plan under the umbrella body of the Woman’s Hope. To support Elizabeth’s work and progress, you can buy her items at the Woman’s Hope offices or reach us through the contacts given in the website.

Empower a woman,empower a society.


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