THE OLARRIPANI LOO SAEN(the beadcrafts maker)


Maasai beadwork embodies the whole of maasai culture as representation of beauty.

Emily  Naminti Koinet is a 25 year old maasai woman from Kajiado who does bead work for a living.She doesn’t communicate much in swahili or english but it is her prowess with crafting various items  from beads that puzzles me. She and her husband, David Santentua, moved to Nairobi to find a source of lively hood.They wanted to find a market for their products made from beads and leather.

Emily says  that as much as she thought Nairobi was more promising than her home town, she didn’t have any exposure therefore no market for her goods. This made it difficult to provide for her four children.Furthermore, it was hard for her to save some little money for future use.

She got a chance to join the Woman’s Hope beadwork group and also share her ideas with the other women in the group. Currently,Emily  and her husband come to the Hope house gardens daily to make their crafts with the other women. She finds this a suitable and friendly environment to work and interact with other women.She is happy that we can help her obtain market for her goods and this makes her hopeful that will be able to provide for her family.751c8952-390b-4731-ae4a-e44abb3e20f2.jpg

Emily can also be able to save with the Ushirika dada savings plan and secure a bright future for her children.The soft spoken maasai  woman has now found a voice to express herself and grow both socially and economically.

To get Emily’s products and financially empower the women in  the Woman’s Hope group, call 0702237299




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