A jovial woman sits at her ‘singer’ sewing  machine threading away pieces of cloth that she  is making for a client. This is Repha Awinja Masinde, a 34 year old tailor from Rongai.


 Repha Awinja Masinde

She is a mother of 2 children. Most people know her for her dress making skills and her good tailoring work. Most of all she is a woman who loves to smile and give her clients a good customer experience.

We met Repha while she was at her place of work.Her skill and expertise is what  attracted us to invite her for an opportunity at The Woman’s Hope centre. Repha sometimes struggles with finding customers for her dresses.This inhibits her from getting an income to support her family and her business.Further more, her skill is not fully utilized.

Repha joined The Woman’s Hope with the hope of finding a place for her skills and to be part of a cause to help other women like her. Since she came, she says she enjoys making her crafts from our centre as it allows her flexi-time just as long as she hits her targets.

She also likes the fact that we can help her find market for her wares ,that means she  can generate some income to support her family.In addition to that, she can now use the Ushirika Dada savings plan to ensure a secure future for her children.

Empower a woman,empower a society.




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