With  the increasing causes of cancer in the modern day concerning how we handle our foods , people are resorting to the natural and safer methods to handle food in  the lines of keeping them warm and also cooking .

The fire-less cooker, also called retained heat cooker or the food warmer is slowly finding its way back to our homes. It was very popular long ago and was used to save on labor and fuel unlike using the normal  sources of energy. Food was heated in pots over fire or a stove and then placed in the fire-less cooker.

The fire-less cooker is well insulated,keeping the heat in the food and allowing it to continue cooking inside. it can be made with locally available materials such as banana leaves or old clothes and can reduce fuel use by up to 40%,preserving food and saving people hours of precious time.

Fire-less cooking is an  environmental friendly technology that  reduces air pollution caused from smoke or use of other kinds of energy. What a better way to save time,cook food and maintain its warmth and be environmentally conservative?

You can order your  fire-less cooker basket from the Woman’s Hope Center , to reach us call 0702237299






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