Trash material turned into beautiful tissue paper holders.

Trash is unwanted or undesired waste material.The unwanted material is gotten from using up something efficiently, therefore what remains cannot be used for the same purpose.The art of recycling involves converting waste materials into reusable objects in order to prevent waste of potentially usable material. Here at the Woman’s Hope we have learnt the art of recycling  left over materials from tailors and turning them into beautiful african-themed tissue paper holders,combined with some other materials.

We use beads,some ‘gunia’ material (as its commonly known  in the textile shops) and the  trash materials. So,our skilled tailor sews together the pieces in a decided design and then the women here at  The Woman’s hope use their acquired skill in beadwork to decorate the tissue paper holders with very nice designs.

Truly,we are happy to be part of the modern waste reduction initiative.

Order a tissue paper holder today and empower a woman. Reach us through 0702237199



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