A jovial and hardworking woman sits under a tree shade working away her machine making her crafts . Her name is Ciku. She is a small scale business woman who makes african themed pieces and sells them at her spot named “CIKU’S CORNER”. This has been the main source of of income for her and her family for a long while and still is .

Ciku speaks about what she does highly and loves her work despite the challenges she faces. She says its difficult to display her items out where she does because of the changing environment- sometimes it rains sometimes it shines. The harsh weather conditions reduce the quality of her wares and may even cause the fabrics to fade .

Furthermore ,with her amount of production , she doesn’t get enough customers . The Woman’s Hope visited her and in line with our goal of nurturing a a society of a socially and economically empowered woman,we are  helping her find market for her products so that she can be able to afford a shop and continue with her business. We as the Woman’s hope are happy to broaden our perspectives and reach women not only in our center but also those we meet through our day-to-day activities. By buying Ciku’s products you are empowering a woman and a society as a whole .


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