A jovial and hardworking woman sits under a tree shade working away her machine making her crafts . Her name is Ciku. She is a small scale business woman who makes african themed pieces and sells them at her spot named “CIKU’S CORNER”. This has been the main source of of income for her and her family for a long while and still is .

Ciku speaks about what she does highly and loves her work despite the challenges she faces. She says its difficult to display her items out where she does because of the changing environment- sometimes it rains sometimes it shines. The harsh weather conditions reduce the quality of her wares and may even cause the fabrics to fade .

Furthermore ,with her amount of production , she doesn’t get enough customers . The Woman’s Hope visited her and in line with our goal of nurturing a a society of a socially and economically empowered woman,we are  helping her find market for her products so that she can be able to afford a shop and continue with her business. We as the Woman’s hope are happy to broaden our perspectives and reach women not only in our center but also those we meet through our day-to-day activities. By buying Ciku’s products you are empowering a woman and a society as a whole .




Trash material turned into beautiful tissue paper holders.

Trash is unwanted or undesired waste material.The unwanted material is gotten from using up something efficiently, therefore what remains cannot be used for the same purpose.The art of recycling involves converting waste materials into reusable objects in order to prevent waste of potentially usable material. Here at the Woman’s Hope we have learnt the art of recycling  left over materials from tailors and turning them into beautiful african-themed tissue paper holders,combined with some other materials.

We use beads,some ‘gunia’ material (as its commonly known  in the textile shops) and the  trash materials. So,our skilled tailor sews together the pieces in a decided design and then the women here at  The Woman’s hope use their acquired skill in beadwork to decorate the tissue paper holders with very nice designs.

Truly,we are happy to be part of the modern waste reduction initiative.

Order a tissue paper holder today and empower a woman. Reach us through 0702237199




With  the increasing causes of cancer in the modern day concerning how we handle our foods , people are resorting to the natural and safer methods to handle food in  the lines of keeping them warm and also cooking .

The fire-less cooker, also called retained heat cooker or the food warmer is slowly finding its way back to our homes. It was very popular long ago and was used to save on labor and fuel unlike using the normal  sources of energy. Food was heated in pots over fire or a stove and then placed in the fire-less cooker.

The fire-less cooker is well insulated,keeping the heat in the food and allowing it to continue cooking inside. it can be made with locally available materials such as banana leaves or old clothes and can reduce fuel use by up to 40%,preserving food and saving people hours of precious time.

Fire-less cooking is an  environmental friendly technology that  reduces air pollution caused from smoke or use of other kinds of energy. What a better way to save time,cook food and maintain its warmth and be environmentally conservative?

You can order your  fire-less cooker basket from the Woman’s Hope Center , to reach us call 0702237299






A jovial woman sits at her ‘singer’ sewing  machine threading away pieces of cloth that she  is making for a client. This is Repha Awinja Masinde, a 34 year old tailor from Rongai.


 Repha Awinja Masinde

She is a mother of 2 children. Most people know her for her dress making skills and her good tailoring work. Most of all she is a woman who loves to smile and give her clients a good customer experience.

We met Repha while she was at her place of work.Her skill and expertise is what  attracted us to invite her for an opportunity at The Woman’s Hope centre. Repha sometimes struggles with finding customers for her dresses.This inhibits her from getting an income to support her family and her business.Further more, her skill is not fully utilized.

Repha joined The Woman’s Hope with the hope of finding a place for her skills and to be part of a cause to help other women like her. Since she came, she says she enjoys making her crafts from our centre as it allows her flexi-time just as long as she hits her targets.

She also likes the fact that we can help her find market for her wares ,that means she  can generate some income to support her family.In addition to that, she can now use the Ushirika Dada savings plan to ensure a secure future for her children.

Empower a woman,empower a society.





Meet Elizabeth, a hardworking and vibrant 40 year old woman from Ongata Rongai. She is a single mother of 5 children.

Before joining us at the Woman’s Hope, Elizabeth was a construction worker around her area. She, like most construction workers, receive a minimum wage at the end of the day. This only  allows her to put food on the table. In short, she could not provide for her children comfortably,let alone save something little for the rainy day. As it is commonly known, construction  jobs are unreliable,meaning sometimes she was to get the job sometimes she wasn’t.

Elizabeth received information about The woman’s Hope organization through a friend and decide to give a try to the women’s training programme in bead work and mat making. She joined us in May and started her training immediately with a group of other women.

As we speak,she has been trained  in bead work and  is making unique african pieces e.g sandals,jewellery,decorative house items etc.

The Woman’s Hope Organization then helps Elizabeth market her wares and the proceeds go towards supporting her and the women of her group.

Elizabeth says that she is happy she is economically independent.In addition to that, she has now acquired the skills to enable her attract meaningful employment and  even better, start her own business though she would like to work with us to improve on her new skills.

Elizabeth is also happy that she is able to save through the Ushirika Dada savings plan under the umbrella body of the Woman’s Hope. To support Elizabeth’s work and progress, you can buy her items at the Woman’s Hope offices or reach us through the contacts given in the website.

Empower a woman,empower a society.

THE OLARRIPANI LOO SAEN(the beadcrafts maker)


Maasai beadwork embodies the whole of maasai culture as representation of beauty.

Emily  Naminti Koinet is a 25 year old maasai woman from Kajiado who does bead work for a living.She doesn’t communicate much in swahili or english but it is her prowess with crafting various items  from beads that puzzles me. She and her husband, David Santentua, moved to Nairobi to find a source of lively hood.They wanted to find a market for their products made from beads and leather.

Emily says  that as much as she thought Nairobi was more promising than her home town, she didn’t have any exposure therefore no market for her goods. This made it difficult to provide for her four children.Furthermore, it was hard for her to save some little money for future use.

She got a chance to join the Woman’s Hope beadwork group and also share her ideas with the other women in the group. Currently,Emily  and her husband come to the Hope house gardens daily to make their crafts with the other women. She finds this a suitable and friendly environment to work and interact with other women.She is happy that we can help her obtain market for her goods and this makes her hopeful that will be able to provide for her family.751c8952-390b-4731-ae4a-e44abb3e20f2.jpg

Emily can also be able to save with the Ushirika dada savings plan and secure a bright future for her children.The soft spoken maasai  woman has now found a voice to express herself and grow both socially and economically.

To get Emily’s products and financially empower the women in  the Woman’s Hope group, call 0702237299



Divas Mentors Day

Woman’s hope held its first event at hope centre dubbed Divas Mentors Day, the event also marked the official launch of Hope centre as a centre that is open to the public for different activities, the main idea of starting the centre is for Woman’s Hope to be able to give women and other individuals a platform to sell their goods, ideas, hold functions e.g. workshops, weddings, social events and many other events, and Accommodation services.

The event was a great success to us as Woman’s Hope and this motivates us in organizing more events, the talks from different speakers on different issues and topics around Public speaking, Beauty, Business and social life, everyone who attended went home satisfied, educated and motivated by the talks.    

A lady gives a talk on determination in life.

Beauty tips and how to stay young

Patrick giving a talk on patience and business.

Having fun during the event.

Some of the women who attended the function.

Womanshope Overview

Woman’s Hope was established in March 2007 with the aim of reaching out to womenwith relevant social-economic information that would be relevant in uplifting the living standardsof the entire society. These is to be achieved through different approaches awareness raising through publications, economic empowerment and capacity building on current issues linked to development and the countries vision 2030